01 July 2008

Andrew Bynum (or His Agent) Lobbying for an Extension

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Word on the street is that Andrew Bynum is seeking a maximum contract from the Lakers. In other words, Bynum's agent David Lee wants his share of the dough--and he wants it gift-wrapped this summer.

Lee had these words of encouragement for the Lakers:

"The ball is in their court," Lee said. "They've got a decision to make. The question is whether they believe in him the way I believe in him. It's their decision to make if they want him there for the future."

Bynum averaged career highs in points and rebounds this season along with a career high in minutes played under philosophical coaches. His play was certainly impressive but he only did it for a few months before he went down with a knee injury. Heck, he's only played one full season--his sophomore year, which typically translates into a Phil Jackson rookie year.

In the article, Lee also mentions how he skewed the young, naive Andrew Bynum into seeking a fat maximum contract. Before you put blame on the gold-digging agent, the best option for Bynum would be to get the most out of his share...he already hired the leech anyway. In such a case that Bynum would sign for less cash, it's not likely the Lakers' owner Jerry Buss would be willing to utilize the savings in team investments.

Should the Lakers pay up and secure Bynum ASAP or should they take the easier route and let Bynum prove himself another season? The latter is the safest option in my opinion.

Your thoughts?

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