23 June 2008

Top 5 Free Agents Most Likely to Change Teams

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Some of the most notable 'free agents' this summer are restricted free agents. This group consists of players such as Atlanta's athletic phenom Josh Smith and the Chicago Bulls' Luol Deng. The reason these free agents are 'restricted' is because the players could receive offers from whatever team, but the original team has the right to match the offer. Very often, the offers are matched and the players stay put. This is why I exclude these players from my breakdown.

( 5 ) Corey Maggette - Corey hasn't exactly had a great relationship with Coach Mike Dunleavy during his tenure with the Clips. Rumors indicate that he will opt out for free agency, but you never know what Donald Sterling has in mind.

( 4 ) Grant Hill - This talented veteran is anxious to get to the big stage. After the Suns' unsuccessful run this post season, Grant Hill will be exploring his options. I wouldn't be surprised to see him head back East.

( 3 ) James Posey - Most recently described as the 'new Robert Horry', James Posey could mimic Robert Horry's ring-chasing ways. His play in the finals against the Lakers showed that Posey is a definite winner. Posey could possibly be receiving a raise soon. Some teams that may be interested are the Lakers, the Suns, and the Jazz.

( 2 ) Ricky Davis/Jason Williams - Either (or both) of these players could sign a new deal this summer, perhaps even net an MLE deal. Despite the Heat's struggles, both players provide assets that teams are searching for. Either/both players could also be subjects of a sign-and-trade deal, especially with Pat Riley exploring trade opportunities. I guarantee that at least one of these players will not be with the Miami Heat next season.

( 1 ) Kwame Brown - After the Gasol-to-LA deal was completed, the Grizzlies let it be known that they were only interested in Kwame's expiring contract. There is no doubt he will not be around with the Grizzlies next season.

Bonus: Jannero Pargo - During the Hornets' big rise, general managers have had a glance at what Pargo can provide off the bench. If the Hornets decide to go Mike James direction, Pargo could be seeking a new home.

Also Smush Parker, Devean George, Matt Barnes, and Mickael Pietrus.


Free agents least likely to switch teams:

Gilbert Arenas
- Many fans freaked out a few months ago when Gilbert Arenas stated he would opt out of his deal this summer. Most writers thought otherwise, concluding it was nothing more than a smart business move. I agree with my fellow brethren, that Arenas will stay a Wizard for years to come.

Lindsey Hunter - Unless someone offers him a big chunk of change (think double his salary), Hunter will not be leaving the Pistons. Hunter seems to be comfortable with the organization, and will likely stick around after his retirement.

Jermaine O'Neal - Jermaine O'Neal's injury-plagued season (and career?) has hurt his chances at opting out for big dough this summer. He'll be making superstar money, which he wouldn't get out in free agency. In fact, I bet the Pacers would be delighted if he opted out.


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