26 May 2008

How YOU (the fans) can help the Lakers win Game 4

BallHype: hype it up!

As I was browsing blogs early-bird-style, I stumbled upon this. I thought it was a great idea. Considering you don't need a 'Yellowbook cam' to watch Kobe the entire game, and that Pau Gasol wouldn't be anything better than mildly-entertaining, no other player is the best candidate.

Okay, now I know I'm voting for Ronny's Turiaf but...what SPUR do I vote for?

Tim Duncan?

No, booooring.


I don't think he speaks.


No, but may I suggest a 'Longoria cam'?

I know the perfect candidate. And voting him for the last 12 minutes of the game may just cost the Spurs a win. I'll tell you who: Bruce Bowen.

Why you say? Well, we all know Bruce's past history (ahem) and we know he can get a little...violent. Why not keep a cam on Bowen for 12 minutes? Sure, if something 'out of the ordinary' happens Stu Jackson may just not give a crap, but as for us, the fans, our comments will be justified.

EVERY OTHER FAN: "Bowen is a dirty player"

SPUR FAN: " Bowen is not dirty. He is just an opportunist"

You know the drill. Game 4, vote Bowen. At http://www.tnt.tv/sports/nba/playoffs08_preview/.

Save a game for the Lakers, but most importantly, save a player.

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Rob Mahoney said...

Yeah I've been voting Bowen along with Ronny this whole time -- who doesn't want to see Bruce elbow people, punch them in the nuts, and tug on their jerseys?

Anonymous said...

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